Electric Fence System


Electric Fence System


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AMS Electric Fence Intro

AMS Electric Fences?are a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your cattle or horses safe. The fences can be configured in any shape, size, or color that best suits the environment you?re security wire fencing; they also come with LED light options for both nighttime security as well!

It?s not just about branding yourself through land ownership anymore ? electric fencing offers an easy solution without sacrificing quality anywhere near enough drawbacks from old school alternatives like barbed wire barriers which were never really necessary anyway if we got rid of all those nasty Barbed Wire Brands back then!!

Description of?Electric Fence System

AMS Security Vision?is a leading provider of security and surveillance solutions in the region. They have been operating for more than a decade, providing high-quality equipment like CCTV cameras with night vision capabilities as well as electric fences to protect your property from intruders that may be looking around while you?re not home or even set off alarms if there?s something going wrong at one point during their raid strategy on-site (e.g., motion sensors).

Nemtek?is a leading supplier of innovative electric fences and products. We are respected globally, chosen by many governments to protect their utilities as well as correctional facility infrastructures within defense establishments worldwide!

Our entire spectrum ranges from energizers for agricultural animal management all the way down to industrial commercial residential security fencing needs; we have you covered whether it be American made or Chinese manufactured equipment that will serve your purpose best

Nemteks? commitment has always been about innovation-driven engineering excellence combined with responsive customer service:

Every day our team strives towards achieving these goals so they can better accommodate not only end clients but for themselves too

With over twenty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing electric fence system products, we are the best to provide you with solutions that meet your needs. From protecting what matters most so our clients can sleep peacefully at night to making sure they?re always safe while working hard on their farm or ranch ? Nemtek is here for them!

Features of?Electric Fence System

Nemtek?is a global leader in electric fencing solutions fo9r Boundary wall barriers. They manufacture high quality and have an advanced warning system should any fence be crossed or tampered with during your property?s nighttime hours. Their monitoring technology also allows them to identify which area has been compromised so that security resources can quickly get there without wasting time roaming around checking every inch for trouble

Electric Fence Types


Deter, detect and delay intruders

  • Economical, reliable, effective
  • Advanced warning technology
  • Designed with aesthetics in mind
  • Durable and robust materials

The Bona Mighty Metal Home Security Sign is perfect for deterring and detecting intruders. It has an aesthetically pleasing design with durable materials that will withstand any potential threat from outside forces or other animals looking to get in on your property!


Secure and monitor property and assets

  • Monitoring technology detects breaches
  • Electric shocks to deter intruders
  • Designed with longevity in mind
  • Range of designs to choose from

Commercial security is a must in today?s world. The Monitoring Technology Detects Breaches and Electric Shocks to Deter Intruders, Designed with Longevity in Mind ensure that your property will be safe from potential intrusions while passersby can enjoy their experience without worry about being videotaped or having anything taken out of sight where they may not notice it missing for some time depending on how quickly something got away! There are many styles available so you?ll never have trouble finding one suited just right at first glance


  • Integrate security solutions available
  • Remote monitoring technology
  • High-security options are available
  • World-leading electric fencing technology

Expert electric fence system for all your needs. Choose from a wide variety of options to create the perfect perimeter around any project site, including high-security systems with motion sensors and audio deterrents that send an alert when fence gets touched by unauthorized personnel; remote monitoring technology so you can view live video feeds on our website wherever there?s internet access ? even while traveling abroad!

Interested in Learn more about electric fencing? Get a survey and site visit for free! Call or text?0321-4466685

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