Gate Automation System


Gate Automation System

Centurion’s range of sliding gate motors have been designed to provide the ultimate in security and convenience. The battery backup option ensures that your entrance is protected, no matter what happens outside!

AMS Security Vision products produced by Centurions Systems are sure to keep you safe from would-be intruders with their innovative designs for residential as well commercial properties alike; they can also control access between buildings on an estate or industrial site when necessary should there be livestock nearby etc

SWING GATE MOTORS Computerization

Do you enjoy the convenience of a swing gate, but have trouble finding time to install and service it? The CENTURION Custom-engineered gearbox is an easy-to-lockable mechanism for your automatic gate system. It features custom molding from durable engineering polymer which provides more strength than traditional steel cable or nylon rope in order make sure these high functioning mechanisms can last under pressure!

The interface LCD screen allows users with little technical knowledge set up their settings quickly – there’s no need Spike through manuals when setting something as simple yet highly effective as this up; just follow our instructions using visual faults & notifications (with audible alerts included too!)

Battery Backup


Battery charge level

Fuse blown

High current draw

Wireless Remote

Details of the last transmitter activated

The health of the drive electronics

Currently activated gate inputs

See Diagnostics Made Easy for further details

Local test button can be deactivated for added security

Gate Sensor

Gate Sensors are an essential part of home security. They detect when someone approaches the gate and can automatically open it for you, then close again once they’re gone! These sensors also include some awesome features that make them impossible to miss in your yard or garden:

integrated Chrono Guard timer functionality (a world first), intruder detection modes with auto-activation functions such as time-barring pillar lights on ground loops so nobody will be able to walk away from this without being seen by at least one sensor; even if they try sneaking past us unnoticed we’ll know because our onboard receiver integrates all these cool options into one convenient package like selective add/delete codes allowing us to keep track only who has access

Electric gate motor auto remotely access

Electric gate motors are fantastic for automatically opening and closing your garage door. They have a number of safety features, like an onboard receiver that can be disabled to prevent unwanted access when you’re not home or if there’s no power in the area!

The system also includes 500 button memory with 6 feet extra rack space so it doesn’t take up too much precious real estate on our side either – 12′ long beams sensors indication light tells us whether we need more room below as well as at each end which helps keep things safe from objects getting caught by one wheel while spinning out

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