Smart Solar System


Smart Solar System for Home, Offices & for Agricultural Use

The AMS Security Vision provides the following Smart Solar System i.g Hybrid and On-Grid and off-grid turnkey solutions to its domestic customers:

  1. 1kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  2. 3kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  3. 3kw Solar On-Grid Solution
  4. 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  5. 7.5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  6. 10kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  7. 10kw Solar On-Grid Solution

Apart from the above mentioned systems AMS’s Technical Team Experts specialize in creating customized proposals as per the customer?s requirements. This customization allows AMS to broaden its customer base. Also adds to the knowledge base as the technical team handles challenges and difficulties related to customization in design.

Solar panels of Smart Solar System

AMS’s Smart Energy System uses high efficiency solar photo-voltaic (PV) polycrystalline panels from leading global providers. These solar panels have high conversion efficiencies, designed for easy installation and handling by our in-house installation team. Our solar panels are inclusive in our customized Smart Energy System packages making it the most convenient option.

We provide the best solar panels in Pakistan, which are also highly rated for fire safety. AMS guarantees the performance of all installed systems.

Solar Inverter

The Smart Energy Inverter combines a

hybrid solar

battery inverter with SmartFlow,

intelligent energy management software

the Smart Energy Console,

a touch screen to give you complete energy infrastructure visibility and control. The smart energy Inverter are is cloud connected via built-in 3G/4G and Wifi internet connectivity. This allows the SmartFlow software embedded in the Smart energy inverter to continuously receive information about current and predicted grid tariff along with availability and solar energy patterns.

One unit of Smart Energy Inverter ranges in power output from 3 to 10 kW. Multiple Smart Energy Inverters can be connected in parallel to increase the total power output of a Smart Energy System. The parallel systems remain part of a single virtual Smart Energy Inverter, controlled by one Smart Energy console while providing visibility over the entire bank of Inverters. In each parallel configuration there is one master that controls the Smart Energy Console and multiple slave inverters that provide additional unit power.

Lithiom Ion Dry / Maintenance Free/ Polymer Gel Batteries NARADA

Features of Smart Solar System

The Smart Energy Storage unit is a highly compact and energy dense lithium-ion battery pack. It is complete with a Battery Management System and intelligent energy storage management software. This component can store 3-4 times the energy in the same physical space requirements and last longer as compared to dry or wet lead-acid batteries, commonly used across Pakistan and the developing world.

These batteries are compact and elegant which can be wall mounted where there is open wall space, rather than acquiring a large portion of a room for a large and bulky battery bank. This solar storage system is modular so you can connect multiple battery packs to provide you with the correct storage capacity.

Why Choose Lithium-Ion Batteries?

In an unstable grid environment where outages can occur regularly, it is extremely important that your batteries are charged and ready to provide backup next time the lights go out. Lithium-ion batteries have a much faster charge time as compared to lead-acid batteries.

While comparing to lead-acid or dry gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages including battery life of up to 10+ year, efficient fast charging, longer life span and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. Lithium-ion batteries can safely discharge up to 90% of stored energy without significant reductions in battery cycle life whereas lead-acid batteries can only provide 50% of the energy stored, without suffering reductions in cycle life.

Battery Management System

AMS Electric?s Smart Energy Storage packs are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) which ensures that the batteries operate in the most optimal manner for their longevity and safety of operation. The BMS keeps track of the battery voltages, current levels, cell temperature and number of cycles. It also manages the charge balancing of the lithium ion cells to make sure the battery pack has optimal capacity at all given times.

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