AMS Security Vision serves and Assists in creating Comprehensive Power, IT & Security Solutions to meet today’s ever-demanding Power backup needs, helping to Eliminate Customers Power failure threats and worries and to make sure to provide total protection for their investments, properties, homes and etc having below products:

UPS’S, LC’s Stabilizers & LED’s
(AMS, Deutsche Power, APC, Emerson, Crown-Micro)

CCTV, Road Barrier, Blockers, UVSS & Scanners
(AMS, ProlineUK, SAMSUNG, Hikvision, Dahua,)

Maintenance Free/Gel/Dry Batteries
(Deutsch Power, Narada, Crown-Micro,Louche, Vision)

Repairing & Services of Power, Security & IT Equipments

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A Complete Power Backup Solutions

Power Solutions

A Complete Digital Security Solution

Digital Security Solutions

A Complete Digital Security Solution

IT Soluution