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Company Info:

AMS Security Vision serves and Assists in creating Comprehensive Power, IT & Security Solutions to meet today’s ever-demanding. We are the manufacturer of Razor Wire, Barbed Wire and Mash Wire in the Pakistan Region specially Lahore. Power backup ( APC UPS Narada Batteries ) needs, helping to Eliminate Customers Power failure threats and worries. To make sure to provide total protection for their investments, properties, homes and etc having below products.

APC UPSNarda Batteries authorised Distributor in Pakistan. A Complete Power ( APC UPS Narada Batteries ), IT & security Solution at One Place.

Ø Smart Solar System for Home, Offices & Industrial Use 

(Canadian Solar, Trina,Voltronics, Jinko, Q Cells, REC) 


Ø UPS’S, LC’s Stabilizers & LED’s 

(AMS, Deutsche Power, APC, Emerson, Samsung)


APC UPSØ CCTV, Road Barrier, Blockers, UVSS & Scanners & Walk-through Gates

(AMS, ProlineUK, SAMSUNG, Hikvision, Dahua,)


CCTV camera

(Nemtak, AMS

Ø Electric Fence, Razor wire & Chain Link Fence for Boundary Wall Security)

Ø Maintenance Free/Gel/Dry Batteries Nemtek

(Deutsch Power, Narada, Louche, Vision)

naradaØ Repairing & Services of Power Equipments

Reapir & servicesProducts Info:

We are delaining  in the field of Power Smart Solar System for watertubwell UPS’S, LC’s Stabilizers & LED’s  (AMS, Deutsche Power, APC, Emerson, Samsung)  Security CCTV, Road Barrier, Blockers, UVSS & Scanners  (AMS, ProlineUK, SAMSUNG, Hikvision, Dahua,)  Maintenance Free/Gel/Dry Batteries (Deutsch Power, Narada, Louche, Vision)  and Repairing & Services of Power Equipments. 


Please do not hesitate to contact and provide us quotes for your upcoming projects. Rest assured that at AMS Security Vision, we will go an extra mile to offer you the best price – ensuring an unmatchable quality as well. We would also be pleased to offer demonstrations, if you e-mail us the requirements.

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If you need any assitance please feel free to contact on whatsapp +923214466685